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Solutions for today, innovations for tomorrow.

HITEC CO.LTD., develops, manufactures, sells and supports sausage and ham stuffing systems. Hitec has created original machines based on extensive research and advanced technology. In this field, we hold the No.1 market share in Japan. Hitec is expanding steadily into world markets. Hitec has offices located in Japan (Head Office, Factory),Asia, U.S.A. Hitec is able to maintain steady growth due to the excellent quality and reliability of the machines. Hitec stands behind all of its products with many support functions.

Hitec is always reviewing industries trends and incorporating them into new and improved machines.



Fomaco specializes in the manufacture of injectors for curing and marinating various types of meat, poultry, and fish products. Fomaco has developed a range of ancillary machines that work in conjunction with our injectors.

A special pioneering spirit exists at Fomaco,
stimulating innovative thinking, this is truly our core values. Combined with our passion for excellent machine design it has produced remarkable results
for our customers by providing the most accurate, reliable, and hygienic machines on the market.

Maurer Smokehouses

If one had to describe Maurer-Atmos Middleby GmbH in just a few sentences, “quality and high performance thermo processing systems”, “tradition” and “made in Germany” would certainly be the most important keywords. Here we take a few lines more to introduce ourselves, but the fact remains: Maurer-Atmos is looking back at a history of almost eight decades, and a tradition which today is coupled to forward oriented technology which remains of paramount importance.

Woodblocks & Woodchips also sold


Frey  – professional vacuum stuffers for the industry!

Best product quality due to the large dimensions of the FREY meat pump.

  • Highest hygienic standard, no screws or dirt corners in the direct food area
  • Excellent economic efficiency
  • High filling power
  • Low maintenance costs due to the maintenance-free servo drive
  • Fast and easy change overs
  • Low noise level due to the FREY servo drive
  • Low consumption of electricity due to the most modern control engineering
  • Easy cleaning of the vacuum system
  • Multiple combinations with C-LINE accessories and external devices



Qualified engineers have a mind for the world of technology. Gourmets use all senses to explore the world of taste. We at TREIF build bridges between
these two worlds and showcase our ingenuity in the world of food cutting each and every day. We are the engineers of taste. True to the saying
“thinly sliced, stacked high”.

As an owner-managed company – in an industry with more and more investor groups and conglomerates – we dedicate ourselves with expert acumen
and passion to the art of cutting food. As a highly specialized manufacturer and global trendsetter of machinery, plants and systems for food cutting
technology, we are masters of all relevant cutting techniques.

It will be a pleasure for me to accompany you on your way to your customers and markets with technical competence and flair for the trends of tomorrow!


Your partner for flake ice machines and meat processing machines!

MAJA develops, produces and distributes high-quality meat processing machinery, such as derinders, membrane skinners, fish and poultry skinning machines as well as fresh meat slicers, especially weight-controlled meat portioning systems. Moreover, a wide range of flake ice and nugget ice machines round out the vast product range for the food processing sector. Since almost 60 years, it has been MAJA’s aim to be a reliable partner to the butcher’s trade and to the food processing industry by creating for these target groups highly profitable and safe processing solutions. MAJA sets high quality standards by which it always can be measured! Much more than 30.000 MAJA-machines are every day in the field around the world. That’s why MAJA has become an essential and indispensable part in the food processing value chain. Innovative and reliable high technology – made in Germany – made by MAJA


This year we will celebrate 175 years Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG.

Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of food processing machinery. The machine factory with a long and rich tradition, has been in family ownership for five generations and has strong roots in Southern Germany with its sites in Stuttgart (head office) and Aalen (factory). Founded in 1843, Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann has been a pioneer in the industry for more than 170 years; a key driving force in the development, production and sale of top quality, high-performance machines.

The cutters, mixers, grinders and emulsifiers produced at Seydelmann are predominantly for manufacturers of sausages and meat products. But Seydelmann machines are more and more employed in other fields, such as the dairy, vegetable, confectionary, bakery, soup and fish industries etc.

In the hands of the best – this philosophy has remained the same at Seydelmann since its inception: Placing the toughest demands on the materials and technology when designing and manufacturing the machines, ensuring that premium products are created that exceed even the highest expectations.



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