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Triple bubble extruder & customised printing

BTE long shelf life polony casings

In 2012, B. T. Enterprises invested in purchasing its very own and first of its kind in Africa a 7-layer Triple Bubble Extruder for casing and shrink bags using a number of different types of raw materials. This extruder has the ability to manufacture high barrier structures primarily as an oxygen barrier for improved food packaging shelf life due to the use of EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer) as one of the layers – this is the highest barrier to oxygen and other gases. Triple Bubble technology offers maximum orientation of the structures, giving the best properties possible, e.g. strength and post shrink. The machine has the ability to manufacture all standard calibres as well as large calibres of casings.


In conjunction with the Extruder, we have installed a state of the art central impression printing machine which can facilitate up to 8 colours. The machine is specifically designed for printing artificial polyamide casings and food pouches and is capable of 360 ° printing – an absolute must for all round product designs. Multi coloured printed artificial casing greatly enhances the point-of-sale appeal of packed products and promotes product awareness, attracting customers and increasing sales.

BTE Printing Machine
BTE Printing Machine

BTE Bag Making Machine & Shrink Bags

What makes our shrink bags unique is that they are on a roll and are perforated.


B.T.Enterprises strives to raise the standards within the Food Industry, providing cutting edge technology, service and innovation.

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